current value of the investment share as of 06.02.2023


mil. CZK

Fund capital 06.02.2023

About the Fund

The OK Smart Bond represents a unique investment opportunity for more conservative investors.

It is the second sub-fund of the Broker Consulting SICAV, a.s. investment fund, which focuses on investments in government, corporate and alternative bonds of various credit profiles, originating from different regions around the world.

The aim is to achieve a return above the rate of inflation, with minimal risk of excessive volatility. It is again a tool built on the key elements of the following investment philosophy: a combination of passive and active approaches to investing and cost-effectiveness. Given the orientation solely on the bond market, the robust multi-asset approach is replaced by a strict single-asset approach, but one that seeks maximum diversification across regions and bond types. The OK Smart Bond is therefore a focused but broadly diversified sub-fund.

Information about the fund

OK Smart Bond, a sub-fund of Broker Consulting SICAV

Fund manager MONECO investiční společnost, a.s. 
Fund Administrator INVESTIKA, investiční společnost, a.s.
Fund Manager Ondřej Pěška
Depositary Česká spořitelna a.s.
Auditor Kreston Audit FIN, s.r.o.
Frequency of pricing and trading daily
Recommended investment outlook

at least 3 years

Minimum investment

CZK 500

ISIN CZ0008044229
Fund currency CZK
Entry fee Maximum 5% of the value of the investment
Exit charge

Maximum 3% of the value of the investment

Management fee 0,78 %
Administration fee 0,22 % 

Chart of the value of the investment share OK Smart Bond, sub-fund of Broker Consulting SICAV

      Information on the performance and assets of the Fund

      Performance as of 06.02.2023 Total cumulative performance of the fund
      1M 1,16 %
      3M 4,70 %
      6M 1,61 %
      12M -2,55 %
      for the year 2023 1,71 %
      since the fund's inception -3,40 %

      Investment shares of the sub-fund as of 06.02.2023
      Value of the investment share CZK 0,9660
      Fund capital CZK 727 200 009,25
      Current number of issued investment shares 752 822 242 units

      Data for the period 01.02.2023 - 06.02.2023
      Number of investment shares issued 5 489 638 units
      Number of investment shares repurchased 343 076 units
      Amount for which investment shares were issued CZK 5 310 283,14
      Amount for which investment shares were purchased CZK 331 081,89