INVESTIKA real estate fund's Polish offices attract interest

Office buildings owned by INVESTIKA Real Estate Fund in Poland are drawing creditworthy tenants. The Łużycka Plus building in Gdynia is now fully occupied, while Katowice's Face2Face Business Campus complex has not only obtained a new tenant but seen contract extensions with major existing tenants.

At the end of September, GreenWay Polska, a leading provider of electromobility in Central and Eastern Europe, moved into new office space of almost 2,000 sqm in the Łużycka Plus building in Gdynia. This move stemmed from the company's rapid growth, with employee numbers almost doubling last year, and the Łużycka Plus building offered space of sufficient size and quality. The company's environmental requirements were also an important factor in its choice of headquarters. These were met thanks to the building’s "Very good" designation under international BREEAM certification, confirming its strict environmental standards.

The BREEAM certificate, even at "Excellent" level, is also offered by the Face2Face building in Katowice, which is INVESTIKA Real Estate Fund's largest acquisition to date. The range of tenants of this state-of-the-art building in the Silesian metropolis will be complemented by interior design studio Bozza Concept'N Design, which is opening a showroom in the ground floor premises. The premises on the top 14th  floor, offering a unique city vista, will continue to be occupied by a branch of the major consultancy firm Deloitte in the years to come. The latter extended its lease agreement with INVESTIKA real estate fund in October for another period, as did Medicover and Klinika Miracki, providing healthcare services.

"The decisions of these companies underline to us and our investors the high quality and attractiveness of INVESTIKA Real Estate Fund's office buildings in Poland. To remain competitive, we strive to be as responsive as possible to the needs of our tenants, and closely monitor developments on the local and national real estate market. Only in this way can we anticipate future trends and stay one step ahead," remarked Rafał Proczek, Director of INVESTIKA Polska Services, which manages INVESTIKA Real Estate Fund's Polish properties, on the occasion of the signing of lease agreements in Gdynia and Katowice.

INVESTIKA owns seven properties in Poland, including office buildings and manufacturing and logistics complexes. Poland, among the fastest growing economies in Europe in recent years, is the most prominent country in the fund's portfolio in terms of property value.

INVESTIKA real estate fund is managed by the Czech investment company of the same name. It had amassed CZK 22.4 billion for its clients as of the end of September 2023, placing it among the three largest entities in the domestic collective investment market.