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INVESTIKA, investiční společnost, a.s. (“INVESTIKA”) is a 100% Czech investment company licensed by the Czech National Bank to manage and administer investment funds.

We focus primarily on investing in real estate in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Our company offers investors a professional approach managed by a team of experienced professionals, within the Czech legislative framework.

Transparent products
and services

Our portfolio of investment products and services is transparent and straightforward.

fund management

We manage and administer the investment funds’ property with expert care.

with major partners

We co-operate with the largest financial consultancy companies and renowned agencies.

Unique experience
going beyond the real estate market

We have been active in the world of investments for more than 20 years, which gives us a thorough financial, legal and tax background.

Board of Directors

Petr Čížek

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Having graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Economics in Prague, Petr worked in the Prague branch of the multinational HSBC Bank plc., where he stayed until 2007.

During his time at HSBC, he took part in a numerous transactions executed by international and Czech companies and played a leading role in arranging a syndicated CZK 9 billion guarantee facility provided by a consortium of fourteen international banks to Česká správa letišť s.p. (the Czech Airport Administration) in 2003 to secure finances for the construction of Terminal 2 at the Prague airport.

He then left the banking sector to co-found Bohemia Real Estate Investments (BREI), a company searching out investment opportunities on the real estate market in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. In 2008, BREI acquired over 300 buildings and properties from Telefónica O2. BREI obtained the necessary capital for this transaction from a number of private investors and also using bank loans. Petr Čížek worked on the transaction with his brother Jan, the current Chairman of the Supervisory Board of INVESTIKA, and also with Milan Růžička, the acting Vice-Chairman of INVESTIKA’s Board of Directors.

Between 2008 and 2015, Petr Čížek gained further experience as investment manager focusing on the development of Immotel a.s., a joint-stock company holding and managing a real estate portfolio in various regions of the Czech Republic. In 2015, he co-founded the INVESTIKA investment company and also the INVESTIKA real estate fund – an open-ended unit trust which eventually became one of the largest local collective investment funds on the Czech market. He has been the Chairman of INVESTIKA’s Board of Directors since the company’s inception. Petr’s mission is to share his experience in collective investment by offering products comprehensible to the general public.

Milan Růžička

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors

Milan graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň. After several years in Česká spořitelna and having passed his broker exams in 1993,

he became a member of the broker department at the Prague branch of Všeobecná úverová banka, and later also of Československá obchodní banka. In 1999, he left the banking sector to join Jan Čížek in founding INTERLIFE, s.r.o., an investment mediation company.

Since 2006, he has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Rentera, a joint-stock company focusing primarily on investing in real estate with long-term leases and also in the hospitality sector. He has also chaired the Board of Directors of the developer REALACTIVA since 2012. Milan is the Chairman of the Supervisory Committee at the Czech Association of Financial Consultancy and Mediation Companies (ČSAF). Since 2015, he has put his years of experience in the area of financial markets, trading in securities and real estate to work as the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of INVESTIKA responsible for financial management and risk management.

Václav Kovář MRICS

Member of the Board of Directors, Portfolio Manager

After graduating in the field of economics from the Czech University of Life Sciences and the Technology University of Dublin in Ireland, and in the field of real estate from the University College of Estate Management in England,

Václav Kovář joined the sales department of Knight Frank in 2007. By 2015, he advanced as far as the associate director of this real estate consultancy company. In this position, he had the opportunity to build from scratch a new department of distressed assets, specialising closely on the sale of pledged assets for financial institutions. As a team leader, he co-ordinated the drafting of documents necessary for the sale of real estate assets, supervised due diligence processes, and arranged for estimations of the sale value of assets.

In 2015, after several years of preparation, he managed to meet the practical and theoretical qualification criteria and was admitted as a member of the multinational Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors established in London in 1868, focusing on establishing and maintaining the highest possible professional and ethical standards in the real estate industry.

Václav joined INVESTIKA in 2017. As a portfolio manager of the INVESTIKA real estate fund, he is directly involved in ensuring the excellent performance of this important collective investment instrument in the Czech Republic.


History of INVESTIKA

The INVESTIKA investment company was founded back in 2015. However, the team standing behind its establishment and successful operations has experience in the financial market going back to the 1990s. Our people gained in-depth knowledge of securities and capital markets, including investment consultancy and financing of mergers and acquisitions in such renowned institutions as HSBC Bank, Česká spořitelna, ČSOB, Všeobecná úvěrová banka, Knight Frank and others. They decided to develop and utilize their experience within INVESTIKA investiční společnost they founded.

In September 2015, INVESTIKA established its flagship investment fund in the field of collective investment focusing on the real estate market: the INVESTIKA real estate fund (operating as open-ended unit trust). At the time when INVESTIKA established the fund, the people entrusted with its management already had many years of experience on the real estate market, having brokered transactions accounting for more than one million square metres of commercial real estate. Since its establishment, the INVESTIKA real estate fund has become one of the biggest unit trusts on the Czech real estate market.

In 2018, the INVESTIKA investment company extended its operations by establishing its first qualified investor fund named DYNAMIKA, which focuses especially on bonds, claims and equity interests in companies engaged in real estate development.

In 2019, the INVESTIKA real estate fund undertook a number of new acquisitions, including its largest transaction so far – the purchase of the Nové Butovice Gallery shopping centre in Prague. The value of the assets managed by the fund thus exceeded CZK 5 billion as at the end of 2019.

In the autumn of that year, the company established another qualified investor fund, EKONOMIKA SICAV (operating under the name FCG investiční fond SICAV until July 2020), which aims to achieve stable appreciation of assets without any significant fluctuations and decreases. The EKONOMIKA SICAV fund creates, in turn, various subfunds for specific investment purposes. The first was EKONOMIKA subfund, whose investment strategy is to also invest in projects outside the real estate sector.