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Managed assets





Managed funds

Benefits of investing in investment funds

Investment funds enable investors to pool their resources and participate in revenues from assets worth billions that would otherwise be out of their reach.

Attractive return on investment

Collective investment makes it possible for you to use even a small investment to participate in revenues from assets that are worth billions.

Risk diversification

Investing in multiple sectors spreads the risks

Professional management

The fund’s assets are managed by a team of experienced portfolio managers and investment experts.


Open-ended unit trusts allow you to sell your investment at any time. 

We focus on investments in areas we know down to the last detail

We have been present on the Czech real estate market for over two decades. Our investments also benefit from the rich experience gained by our team members in various international financial institutions.

The INVESTIKA realitní fond, otevřený podílový fond (operating as an open-ended unit trust) is one of the most successful Czech retail funds on the market. Thanks to its stable and attractive return, it finds itself regularly close to the top of the performance rankings for real estate funds.